Sea Salt with Saffron 60g

250 g

For this luxury salt they’ve taken delicate strands of prime, hand-picked saffron – the world’s most expensive spice – and harmonised them with their natural sea salt. Offering a glorious golden hue streaked with vibrant saffron stamens, this salt enriches flavour and adds glamour to any dish. It goes especially well with fish and rice dishes and complements creamy deserts perfectly (think luxurious ice cream or comforting, posh, rice pudding). It wouldn’t go amiss with a Bloody Mary either.

Great Taste Award Panel (2019) tasting notes

‘A very beautiful looking product – vibrant. We think this is a stunning product brilliantly executed. The salt itself has the honeyed smoky aroma of saffron and then there is the added bonus of the strands themselves. This is clever and attractive. The salt is excellent quality too – crumbles well. This would be so wonderful sprinkled over white fish – streaking yellow and red perfectly across it.’