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Bomba Paella Rice 250g


Bomba is the most sought-after rice to use in a paella because of its superior quality and absorption properties. It is believed to make the best paella and is therefore the 'gold standard' for paella rice! This is because it is able to absorb a lot of liquid - up to 3 times its dry weight, taking up the flavour of the stock. In addition, unlike many other rice varieties, Bomba does not split during cooking but instead becomes fissured across its width, like an accordion. Rice from Valencia, 'the home of Paella', has been farmed on the wet and flood-prone lands around La Albufera for thousands of years. It forms an essential part of local cuisine and culture. Bomba rice has been preserved by genetic selection at the Rice Station at Sueca (Valencia) since 1929. It's production is limited and it is more difficult to grow than other varieties.

As a mark of its quality and provenance this rice carries a Denomination of Origin from Valencia